• Combination of Gymnema and Baheda, Guduchi, Gudmar  and other active ingredients suitable for blood glucose management for healthy living
  • Lowers high blood glucose concentration.
  • Promotes correction of visual disorders associated with high sugar level. 
  • Accelerates repair of open wounds/ulcers and incisions 
  • Stimulates insulin secretion and the regeneration of pancreas islet cells — both of which help lower blood glucose    
  • Supports the body maintain a healthy blood glucose level
  • Helps to maintain insulin level
  • Boosts Immunity 
  • Enables the body decrease the need for exogenous insulin
  • Supports the body to lower cholesterol level
  • Enhances liver function
  • It curbs sugar cravings.

Recommended Dosage:

Take 1 Capsule twice daily with warm water in an empty stomach for a better results 


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